How To Manage Renovations When Moving Into A New Fairhope Home

Sometimes it’s a situation that just can’t be avoided – moving into a new home with renovations starting or ongoing. Usually, it happens because your current home sold quicker than you expected, and you now have to move into your new home before it’s entirely ready. And living on a job site can be a major life disruptor, making for short tempers and other unpleasantness. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you know how to manage renovations when moving into a new Fairhope home.

Set Up Living Space

The first step, if you want to successfully manage renovations when moving into a new Fairhope home, is to designate and set up a living area. You may, for example, need to have both your sleeping area and living room in a single bedroom. Or it may be necessary to set up sleeping quarters in the living room. Either way, though, you need to be as far away from the renovation area as possible, and you should make sure this temporary living area is stocked with everything you’ll need.

Establish a Temporary Kitchen (If Needed)

If your new kitchen is included in the renovations and will be inaccessible for more than a few days, you will need to establish a temporary kitchen. You still have to eat, and eating out three times a day for several works can be cost-prohibitive.

You should choose an area readily available to all family members and away from the renovations. You won’t, of course, be able to prepare full-blown, many-course dinners, but you can do quite a lot with hotplate and/or microwave and a mini-frig. Also, be sure to stock plenty of non-perishable, easily prepared foods. And always remember: it’s only temporary.

Ensure Dust Protection

Remodeling and renovating are dust-creating work: sawdust, drywall dust, dust coming in from frequently open doors, you name it. So in your efforts to manage renovations when moving into a new Fairhope home, you absolutely must take measures to ensure dust protection.

You won’t be able to escape all the dust, but you can cut it way down in your living area. Start by sealing off vents and ducts in the area of renovation work, as well as thoroughly vacuuming. Take down curtains and drapes where you can, and spread tarps on floors where it won’t interfere with the work. And be sure to place protective covers on furniture, bookcases, and anything else difficult to move yet needing dust protection. Doing this kind of proactive damage control will give some peace of mind during this trying time.

Store Important Belongings Elsewhere

A big part of being able to manage renovations when moving into a new Fairhope home consists in simply keeping in mind that the renovations won’t really be confined to the work area, but will affect the whole house to some degree. It may be a wise move, then, to rent a storage unit.

If, in moving into your new Fairhope home, you haven’t yet unpacked valuable items, then don’t – take them directly to the storage unit. But if they are unpacked and in place, consider moving them to storage. This would include all valuable or irreplaceable items like antiques, paintings, legal documents, and heirlooms. Your contractor will be insured and bonded, but it’s better to be safe than sorry with belongings that are beyond monetary value.

It’s not the best of all possible situations, but you can manage renovations when moving into a new Fairhope home. Still, things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes you need the help of qualified real estate professionals.

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